Cabinet Care


Treat your Cabinets with Care:

Use a soft cotton cloth. Do not use abrasive materials (including paper towels). Only use soap and warm water. Do not spray directly onto the cabinets. Do not use any chemicals. (Note, when using a spray for other items placed near your cabinetry, be careful not to overspray on your cabinets)

Wipe spills promptly and do not leave wet items against the wood. Clean glass doors with a glass cleaner. Be careful not to overspray on the wood. You can repair small nicks and scratches with our touch up kits. Waxing and polishing is not recommended as this can create a film or wax build up on your cabinets.

You can dust your cabinets with a lightly damp cloth. Follow the grain of the wood. Wiping across can cause scratches.